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Hangkai 12hp 2 Stroke Outboard Trolling Motor Boat Engine Manual Start 169cc

Hangkai 12hp 2 Stroke Outboard Trolling Motor Boat Engine Manual Start 169cc For Sale

Cylinder Scoring Is A Serious Damage,which Caused By Improper Use And Will Cost You A Lot Of Money To Repair The Motor. Precautions For The Use Of Two-stroke Outboards 1. The Two-stroke Outboard Must Use A Mixture Of No. 92 Gasoline And Two-stroke Engine Oil 2. The Volume Ratio Of Gasoline And Oil During The Running-in Period Of The New Machine Is 251 3. After The Running-in Period, The Volume Ratio Of Gasoline And Oil Is 501 4. Special Attention Gasoline And Engine Oil Must Be Pre-mixed And Stirred Evenly, And Then Poured Into The Fuel Tank 5. The Outboard Motor Must Be Started In Water, Do Not Start The Engine On Shore 6. Loosen The Vent Screw On The Fuel Tank Cover Counterclockwise When Starting 7. When The Outboard Motor Is Started, The Emergency Flameout Rope Should Be Inse.
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